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Velo Orange Randonneur Rack w/Integrated Decaleur

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This rack is perfect for a handlebar bag. It features an integrated decaleur. The "backstop" accepts either a U-shaped plug or a VO decaleur bag mount (both pieces are included). The advantage to this system is: your rack-decaleur combination is more solid, lighter, and less likely to rattle. Integration is the Holy Grail of constucteur bikes, and we feel that these racks are a big step in that direction.

All VO racks are made from polished tubular stainless steel, so they will never rust or flake. As with our other racks, there are eyelets for lights and for a fender mount.  Mounting hardware is included.

Most tradtional-style medium size bags work perfectly with this rack (any bag around 20cm tall), but very tall or short bags may not.

This rack does not mount to low rider mounts or onto canti-brake bikes. It requires eyelets on the fork blade or the use of p-clamps.

If you are having a frame built, please tell your builder that the eyelets should be about 3.75" below the bottom of the fork crown (but it's best to give the rack to the builder beforehand).

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