Velo Vitality

Velo Orange Grand Cru 1 1/8” AHeadset

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We all love the look of classic chrome plated headsets, but want the light weight of modern alloy. VO has combined the best of both by applying a thin layer of chrome to our Grand Cru alloy headset, improving durability and creating a mirror finish. Grand Cru and VO logos are laser etched. They are simply stunning.

Our Grand Cru 1-1/8" threadless headset has very high quality sealed bearings and alloy cups. We feel that these headsets are equal in quality to headsets costing two, perhaps even three, times as much. The sealed bearings are of top quality and the finish is simply stellar. In short, you can pay more for a headset, but we're not convinced you'll get more.

Stack height 28mm; weight 112gm.