Velo Vitality

Velo Orange Belleville Handlebars

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The Velo Orange pays homage to the classic French city bike with the Belleville bar. The design is a zero rise, fairly narrow bar with a generous amount of backsweep.

They are 43cm wide c-c, or 45cm outside edges.

Reach is about 18cm; the straight grip section is a generous 150mm.

25.4mm clamp area. Aluminum alloy.

These bars are available in two tubing diameters, 23.8mm road-sized and 22.2mm mountain bike-sized (clamp area is 25.4mm on both):

  • 22.2mm (MTB-size) bars accept MTB brake levers and clamp-on shifters. They do not work with bar-end shifters. The only inverse levers that work are Dia Compe levers in the 22.2mm size.
  • 23.8mm (road-size) bars accept standard inverse brake levers, standard inverse shifters, and 23.8mm city brake levers. In short, anything made for road bars fits. They do not accept MTB levers or shifters.