Velo Vitality

Spanninga Solo Pannier Rack Battery Light

With a SOLO rear light, there is little room for mistake when it comes to riding safe and secure in the night. This rear light is really unique when it comes to proportions, design and dimensions. It has a small volume and compact, square shape. This allows the SOLO to really integrate into the carriers and therefore bicycles. It makes the rear light less vulnerable to shocks and users’ damage. 


Characteristic of the SOLO rear light is its ultra-flat design (98x36x15mm only for the dynamo version). This is possible, thanks to the use of the advanced Light Line Technology©, which spreads the light through a specially shaped light guide. Therefore, only 1 LED is enough to offer spectacular opportunities when it comes to conception and light output. The result is an ideal rear light for urban cyclists, in which a universal and compact design is combined with a very bright and blazing light beam.


Functions & Performance

Next to its design, the SOLO truly sets itself apart by its high performance. It has 1 bright LED, which creates a light output of 6 Candela and a visibility of the light beam from 500 meters. Together with its integrated reflector, this rear light offers optimal safety on the road, since you are not only visible from the rear, but also from the sides.

The SOLO has a flexible mounting system. This means that they are compatible to carriers with either a 50mm and 80mm bolt distance.

The SOLO has an impressive lifetime of 100h. This is absolutely extraordinary for a battery rear light with this light output! 2x AAA batteries (supplied with the rear lights). Are your batteries almost empty? Don’t worry, because the handy battery load indicator signals you right on time to replace the batteries.

All SOLO versions are conform to GermanFrenchDanish and Dutch standards.