MKS Lamba (Grip King) Pedals

MKS Lamba (Grip King) Pedals
MKS Lamba (Grip King) Pedals
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Load image into Gallery viewer, MKS Lamba (Grip King) Pedals

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When you need to be sure of your footing when setting off, the Lambda will be there for you every time. The ultra wide, long profile pedal features a tough alloy body with a wide grippy platform and unique figure-of-eight design. Ideal for commuter use, integrated reflectors are an added safety feature.

These pedals are designed by Rivendell. Here is their reasoning behind the design.....
Here's why it's so good:
1. Huge surface area, so the load is distributed evenly and lightly over a wider area than it is with almost any other pedal.
2. Super duper grip, related to the surface area and the surface itself.
3. Excellent cornering clearance, because the pedal body doesn't stick out.
4. Light; because it is aluminum.
5. Built-in reflectors, because we know you won't put them on yourself, and at some point you'll find yourself riding in the dark with no lights or any supplementary reflectors. You can remove these if you like, but you still won't look like a pro, so you might as well leave them there.
6. Easily serviceable ball bearing design. They use standard .125" ball bearings.

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