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The USA has an excellent cycling sub-culture for exploring. The current trend for high quality, go anywhere, multi-purpose bikes is producing some interesting products as well as increasing awareness of 650b (through Bicycle Quaterly) and 700c lugged steel (Rivendell Bicycle Works).

Below is a selection of brands producing USA made bicycle components.

King Cage 

Ron Andrews has been producing stainless steel and titanium bottle cages out of his garage in Durano, CO since 1991. All King Cage parts are USA-sourced materials. The titanium cage is equal in weight to a carbon cage yet super-strong, and designed to last a lifetime.


Peterboro Bike Baskets

Peterboro Basket Company has been crafting the world's finest handmade baskets since 1854 in Peterborough New Hampshire. 100% American Appalachian white ash. The unique weaving of the baskets make them very strong (they can hold up to 70 pounds!) and excellent for hauling luggage on your bike. 

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Eh Works Tool Roll

The Eh Works tool roll is a great example of American craftsmanship. Waxed canvas is key. The original performance material used by workers, farmers and outdoorsmen for generations. These tool rolls follow that true American tradition. 

Spurcycle Bells

Using the funding website Kickstarter, the guys at Spurcycle decided to reinvent the bicycle bell. Little did they realise that they  were creating a bell revolution. Suddenly everyone who is anyone wants a Spurcycle bell. This video shows why it is so popular and an insight into production.


Ironweed Bags

Quality, functional bags made in Iowa. Hand made from durable 18.5 oz cotton canvas. We love the boxy rando bag in olive.

Wald Sports

Wald strives to produce useful and reliable baskets and racks for everyday use. Proudly made in the USA since 1905. Just check out this awesome photo.

Paul Components

Paul components started life making seat post quick releases in 1989. From there, the brand has built worldwide reputation for producing quality bicycle components, specialising in hubs and brakes. We stock the thumb shifter adapters as they are the best there is. Paul brakes also feature on the Stanforth Kibo+.

Phil Wood 

Phil wood made his first hub in 1971, and his waterproof grease in 1972. A year later he made the Tenacious Oil. Fast forward to the present day and Phil Wood is still evolving with technology, producing belt drive hubs and 11 speed cassette hubs. Always beautifully machined and American made.

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Boeshield T-9® was developed and licensed by The Boeing Company to fill their need for a superior lubricant/protectant.

The formulation, based on a unique combination of solvents and waxes, is designed to penetrate metal pores and dissolve minor corrosion, then leave a resilient waxy coating that lasts for many months.

The last lubricant you will ever use!