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Europe has a long history in cycling, and certain European cities have a World-Wide reputation for being the most bike friendly places in the World. What better place to find bike parts. We have products made from France, Germany and here in the UK. One thing they all have in common.....they excel in their field.

Gilles Berthoud - France

This French company has a long history in the bicycle world, with a reputation for producing premium bike bags. France has always had a place for cycling, with events like the Tour De France (which began in 1903) and the endurance randonneur event, Paris-Brest-Paris (annually since 1891).

France has contributed to cycling in many ways, and our general focus is on the work of French bike builders of the 1950's (called 'Constructeurs'). Low trail geometry and 650b wheel bikes are becoming increasing popular due to their comfort, lively ride and ability to handle front loads.

Gilles Berthoud make possibly the best front handlebar bags available. The raw materials used are strictly selected, nothing is left to chance. The resistance of leather, its softness, its lengthening, its thickness are strictly controlled. Parts are assembled by experienced hands according to the laws of traditional saddlery.


Along with bags, they also make their own stainless steel mudguards and some pretty nice leather saddles. All Gilles Berthoud products are made using the finest materials and to the highest standard.


Restrap - Yorkshire, England

Restrap began with one simple product, a diagonal pedal strap made from locally sourced, recycled materials. That was the start, and now Restrap have grown into the luggage market, with a focus on bike packing. Their range has grown but their ethos has stayed the same, locally made products for cyclists by cyclists.

We have thoroughly tested the straps and frame bags and they are great!

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Stanforth Bikes - Brighton, England

Stanforth Bikes launched its first expedition bike, the Kibo, in 2014. Inspired by the heroics of the early cycle explorers, Stanforth Bikes created the Kibo, designed first and foremost as an all-terrain long distance touring bike.

Hand built and hand crafted in the UK by legendary frame builder Lee Cooper, using the finest English metal (Reynolds 631 tubing), the Kibo combines simplicity, durability and strength with style.

All the Stanforth Bikes come equipped with Brooks leather saddles, which are also made in the UK (Since 1866).



Velox - France

Velox is a traditional French company with over 100 years experience. They are famous for their fabric rim tape and traditional cloth handlebar tape.


Abici Bicycles - Italy

Abici bikes are simple and harmonious, mixing a retro style with hi-tech features that make them unmistakable and pure. Crafted in Italy and rigorously tested, piece by piece. The frames are beautifully made, with a 10 year warranty. We have the ladies 3 speed, but if there is an Abici bike you have seen, get in contact and im sure we can help out.


Fibrax - North Wales, UK

Fibrax have been making bicycle parts since 1907. Their performance parts are able to transform the feel of a bike without spending hundreds of pounds. We have selected a few parts for their 'value for money' performance, essential for any bike build or service. The only company to manufacture cables and rim pads in the UK.

Zefal - France

Zefal began in 1880 with the invention of the presta valve, the preferred valve of modern bikes. This is also how it got its other name, French valve. Later, in 1920, with the help of famous French cyclist Eugene Christophe, Zefal invented the steel toe clip. This was a revolution in the cycling world, and the unchanged design is still available today.

Rustines - France
Rustines began by creating a solution for punctures in 1922, 'the Patch'. This 'Patch' became the must have bike accessory and by the 1950's, were producing 30 million units a month!
Today, Rustines still make 'the Patch'. They also produce some lovely genuine gum brake hoods (classic Campagnolo style) and grips. Timeless style and renowned quality.
Corbic - Portugal
Some of the Worlds best cork is found in Portugal, so Portugese brand Corbic decided to make the most of this locally sourced, natural material.