Velo Vitality

 I thought I would do a short write up on how to fit a Bobbin basket. It requires the following - 

  • 6mm Allen Key
  • Large adjustable spanner
  • Cup of tea (for afterwards)


  1.  You will get a wicker basket, a support bracket and 3 leather straps (2 short and 1 long)

2. Take the bracket support and bend the bottom part out 180 degrees


3. Find the handlebar stem and locate the 6mm allen key bolt (might be under a plastic cap)

4. Use a 6mm allen key and loosen bolt enough to remove handlebar stem (remember lefty loosey, rightey tightey)

5. Remove stem. If its tight, tap the top down with a rubber or wooden mallet

6. Place the handlebars down carefully to the side. Now you want to get your adjustable spanner and remove the headset nut

7. You will now be left with 2 silver spacers. We want to remove the top one and replace it with the basket support


8. Slide the support over the threaded fork top to replace the spacer you just removed. This might be quite tight but it does fit. Make sure you locate the tab on the bracket with the slot in the forks (see left pic below)

9. Go back and grab your adjustable spanner. Screw on the nut you removed to hold everything in place

10. Check the bracket looks like this. It wont work upside down :)

11. Nearly there. All that is left is to fit the basket using the leather straps. Find the single long strap. It feeds through the back oif the basket and round the support

12. The two shorter straps are for the handlebars. You need to make an opening in the basket for this. Feed them through and tie them up

13. Admire your new basket fitted by yourself. Go and make that cup of tea!

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