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"Will X handlebars take bar end shifters?" 

"Will X stem work with X bars?"

These are common questions so I thought I would list some handlebar specs and compatibility for stems, and bar-end shifters/brake levers. Traditionally drop handlebars and bullhorns have a 26.0mm clamp and a 23.8mm grip, which allows for bar-end shifters. However, some of our handlebar options are not so straightforward.

There are 3 main stem clamp sizes; 25.4mm, 26.0mm and 31.8mm.

There are 2 grip sizes; 22.2mm and 23.8mm

Internal bar end diameters vary from 16mm up to 21mm. 

If you are looking for bar and stem, or bar and levers etc, check the handlebar chart below.

 Handlebar Stem Clamp Diameter Grip Area Diameter Internal Diameter Bar-End Shifter Compatible Bar-End Brake Compatible
Alloy Bullhorns 25.4mm 22.2mm ? No Dia-Compe 188 (22.2mm) only
Alloy Riser 24degree Backsweep 25.4mm 22.2mm ? No Dia-Compe 188 (22.2mm) only
Compass Maes Parallel 25.4 25.4mm 23.8mm ? Yes Yes
Compass Maes Parallel 31.8 31.8mm 23.8mm ? Yes Yes
Compass Randonneur 25.4mm 23.8mm ? Yes Yes
Dajia Shallow Drop 25.4mm 23.8mm ? Yes Yes
Grand Bois Elysées 25.4mm 23.8mm ? Yes Yes
Grand Bois Promenade 25.4mm 22.2mm ? Yes Yes
Kalloy butterfly 25.4mm 22.2mm
Kalloy Risers 25.4mm 22.2mm
Nitto B105AA (Italian) 25.4mm
Nitto B132AA (Randonneur) 25.4mm 23.8mm
Nitto B135AA (Randonneur) 25.4mm 23.8mm
Nitto B260AA (Riser) 25.4mm 22.2mm
Nitto B302AA (North Road) 25.4mm 22.2mm 16mm
Nitto B347AA (Dove) 25.4mm 22.2mm 16mm
Nitto B352AA (Albertross) 25.4mm 22.2mm 19.6mm
Nitto B603AA (Promenade) 25.4mm 22.2mm
Nitto Bullmoose N/A 22.2mm
Nitto RM016 (Moustache) 25.4mm
Nitto Mod177 (Noodle) 26.0mm 23.8mm
Nitto RB010 (Pursuit) 25.4mm 23.8mm
Nitto RM014F (Dirt Drop) 31.8mm 23.8mm
Nitto B2500AA (Straight) 25.4mm 22.2mm
Soma 3sp Moustache 25.4mm 23.8mm
Soma 3sp Moustache II 25.4mm 22.2mm
Soma Lauterwasser 25.4mm 22.2mm
Soma Oxford 25.4mm 22.2mm
Soma Portola 26.0mm
Straight Alloy Bars 25.4mm 22.2mm
Track bike Alloy Drops 25.4mm
Velo Orange Belleville 22.2 25.4mm 22.2mm
Velo Orange Belleville 23.8 25.4mm
Velo Orange Casey's Crazy 25.4mm
Velo Orange Course  26.0mm
Velo Orange Rando 26.0mm
Velo Orange Left Bank 22.2 25.4mm 22.2mm
Velo Orange Left Bank 23.8 25.4mm 23.8mm
Velo Orange Milan 25.4mm 22.2mm
Velo Orange Porteur 22.2 25.4mm 22.2mm
Velo Orange Porteur 23.8 25.4mm 23.8mm
Velo Orange Tourist  25.4mm 22.2mm
Zenith Crescent Curved 25.4mm 22.2mm
Zenith Short Reach Drop 25.4mm or 26.0mm 23.8mm

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