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Randonneur Bars

Randonneur handlebars offer a more comfortable riding position over regular road handlebars. Their generous curves are designed to offer superior support and match the riders 'cupped' hand shape on the bends.

Original AVA Randonneur Bars - Photo courtesy of velobase.com

I thought I would show the differences between the popular Nitto B135AA and the Grand Bois FR Randonneur Bars and hopefully make your decision making process abit easier. Please feel free to call us if you need more specific info about either bar, but I will try and outline everything here.


The Nitto B135AA has a general randonneur style bar. Upsweep from the stem with flared drops (not parallel). The Nitto upsweep is around 18mm, and the GB upsweep is roughly 28mm.

Randonneur Handlebar Comparisons

Randonneur Handlebar Comparisons

Randonneur Handlebar Comparisons


The Nitto bar has a polished clamp section with a slightly brushed drop, while the GB bar has a polished finish through the whole bar. The Nitto handlebar uses a sleeved clamp area, finished with the Nitto shield engraved either side of the clamp. The Grand Bois bar has a bulged clamp area in true French tradition and no logos or branding. This makes the GB handlebar a great option for true authentic rebuilds.

Randonneur Handlebar Comparisons


Nitto B135AA Handlebars weight is 315g

Grand Bois Randonneur weight is 365g


Nitto £34.00

Grand Bois £82.99

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