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Front Rack Comparisons (Canti Fit)

We sell a few different canti-fit front racks and I thought I would show a few differences between them. The following image shows a Velo Orange Pass Hunter, a Nitto M12 and the Compass M13 (wide).
Front Rack Comparisons - VO vs Nitto vs Compass
All racks mount via a central crown bolt and on brake pivots (via rack mounting tabs). The VO and Nitto racks have mudguard mounting eyelets under the central bridge, whereas the shorter Compass rack has a threaded bolt at the end of the rack.


VO Pass Hunter Rack Vs Nitto M12
The top rack is the Velo Orange and the bottom is the Nitto. The Velo Orange Rack has a welded construction whereas the Nitto is fillet-brazed. Both joins are very strong, however the brazing is more aesthetically pleasing. VO racks are polished tubular stainless steel whereas the Nitto M12 uses plated tubular chromoly.
Compass requested a lightweight steel for the M13 rack, without compromising its strength.


Weights (without hardware)

Velo Orange Pass Hunter 235gVelo Orange Pass Hunter Rack Weight
Nitto M12 251g
Nitto M12 front rack weight
Compass M13 (wide) 184g
Compass M13 front rack weight


Rack Velo Orange Pass Hunter Nitto M12 Compass M13 (Wide)
Platform 195mm L x 103mm W 200mm L x 103mm W 160mm L x 90mm W
Tab 50mm to 40mm Taper x 105mm H 50mm W x 105mm H 40mm W x 105mm H


(Crown Bolt-Platform)

62.5mm 60mm 50mm

Angle (Crown Bolt-Brake Pivots)

93mm 95mm 98mm

Brake Pivot Tabs


78mm 65mm 70mm

Crown Bolt Length

45mm 45mm 40mm


Light Mounting

The Velo Orange rack has 4 eyelets on the underside of the platform. These can be used to attach dynamo lights or cool, retro flashlights.

The Nitto M12 has eyelets on both arms, about half way down. This allows for left or right side fitting of lights. Compass have designed their rack with just one eyelet, and unfortunately for us in the UK, it is on the left side arm (about a third of the way down).


Velo Orange Pass Hunter Rack - £57.50

Nitto M12 Rack - £54.99

Compass M13 Rack - £100


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