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Exploring outer cables

We recently added more cables to our range so I thought I would give a quick run down on them, as they are all slightly different. Different outer cables for different applications. Click on the titles to link to the product.

Compressionless Cables

Standard outer cables actually change length under compression, which is why linear cables are used on gears, this keeps the indexed gears correctly aligned. You cannot use gear cables for brakes because brake inners are thicker and will not work on 4mm gear cables.

We offer this 5mm compressionless brake outer as it offers better power transfer for use with cable operated disc brakes. It is wise to use some quality metal ferrules with compressionless outer.

This braided version is offered in 1 metre lengths. It is a very rigid cable and you will need some quality cutters to get through it. I am able to cut to length, just add a note to your order.

Braided Stainless Outer Cables

These are offered in three colours: silver, smoke and titanium. They are made up of four layers, which can be seen in the image below.

The outer jacket is plastic and this is either clear, smoke or titanium coloured. The braided layer is made from stainless steel, as is the coil layer. Finally a liner provides a smooth route for the inner cable. 


The braided fibres not only look great, but help stiffen up the cable. A great option for all brake types. Complete kits with inners for £12.99.


Casiraghi Style Outer Cable

A lightweight outer cable that resembles 1980's Italian brake outer. A great option for vintage bikes. Available in three colour options, and only £3.99 a metre. Can be used on brakes or friction style gears.

Written by Jonathan Holmes — January 30, 2018

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