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Written by Jonathan Holmes — November 24, 2016

Closing our Brick & Mortar store

Some of you will be aware that we have a high street store in Brighton. Its in a great spot in the North Laine and just down from the station. Over the past 5 years we have settled in to the area and got to meet a lot of awesome people, and it has been a pleasure. During this time, we have been developing and finding our place within a world of carbon fibre bikes and for the last 18 months, I have struggled to give 110% to both website and shop. Our lease is up on the shop so we have decided to close the b&m store. This was not an easy decision but the right one. Our true passion lies with importing and sourcing bike parts.

Our future as a website only will allow us to offer a better service online, both with delivery times and communications. Better stock levels and more brand focus. We have chosen a location nearby to our current location so we can offer a click and collect style service for Brighton locals.

Stay tuned for 2017. We have more brands lined up, and will be publishing regular product reviews and comparisons.

Written by Jonathan Holmes — November 06, 2016

End of Summer Sale Now On

Saving across all stock bikes. Up to 25% off RRP. Some examples below.....

In-Store Only (Brighton, UK). 

Reid Bikes from £249

Foffa Bikes from £287 

Bobbin Bikes from £337

6KU Bikes from £319

Written by Jonathan Holmes — September 09, 2016

Brexit and the £

Since the votes came in, the pound has been on a steady drop. Whether it will recover only time will tell. However, a large number of our products are imported by us on a regular basis, so any change in the GBP has an instant effect on our pricing. Prices will be going up this week, the main brands affected are -

Velo Orange, Compass, Pelago, Grand Bois and Soma.

We will be monitoring the GBP and amending our prices in your favour as much as possible. Fingers crossed it will settle down over the next month or so. Currently it is looking at a price increase of 14-16%.

Written by Jonathan Holmes — July 10, 2016

Velo orange Campeur Front Rack SOLD

Selling my VO camper front rack on eBay. You can also buy here at the bottom of the post.

Velo orange campeur front rack. Takes front handlebar bag using the integrated decaleur and low riders take full size rear pannier bags. 

Was fitted to a 650b so tabs have been cut down. Might not fit some 700c with mudguards. Good for 650b or 26". Mounts to eyelets and either low rider mounts or canti pivots. 

Tubular stainless steel. Mounts for lights. 



Written by Jonathan Holmes — May 13, 2016

Comparing Cantilever Mounted Front Racks

We sell a few different canti-fit front racks and I thought I would show a few differences between them. The following image shows a Velo Orange Pass Hunter, a Nitto M12 and the Compass M13 (wide).
Front Rack Comparisons - VO vs Nitto vs Compass
All racks mount via a central crown bolt and on brake pivots (via rack mounting tabs). The VO and Nitto racks have mudguard mounting eyelets under the central bridge, whereas the shorter Compass rack has a threaded bolt at the end of the rack. 


VO Pass Hunter Rack Vs Nitto M12
The top rack is the Velo Orange and the bottom is the Nitto. The Velo Orange Rack has a welded construction whereas the Nitto is fillet-brazed. Both joins are very strong, however the brazing is more aesthetically pleasing. VO racks are polished tubular stainless steel whereas the Nitto M12 uses plated tubular chromoly. 
Compass requested a lightweight steel for the M13 rack, without compromising its strength.


Weights (without hardware)

Velo Orange Pass Hunter 235gVelo Orange Pass Hunter Rack Weight
Nitto M12 251g
Nitto M12 front rack weight
Compass M13 (wide) 184g
Compass M13 front rack weight


Rack Velo Orange Pass Hunter Nitto M12 Compass M13 (Wide)
Platform 195mm L x 103mm W 200mm L x 103mm W 160mm L x 90mm W
Tab 50mm to 40mm Taper x 105mm H 50mm W x 105mm H 40mm W x 105mm H


(Crown Bolt-Platform)

62.5mm 60mm 50mm

Angle (Crown Bolt-Brake Pivots)

93mm 95mm 98mm

Brake Pivot Tabs


78mm 65mm 70mm

Crown Bolt Length

45mm 45mm 40mm


Light Mounting

The Velo Orange rack has 4 eyelets on the underside of the platform. These can be used to attach dynamo lights or cool, retro flashlights.

The Nitto M12 has eyelets on both arms, about half way down. This allows for left or right side fitting of lights. Compass have designed their rack with just one eyelet, and unfortunately for us in the UK, it is on the left side arm (about a third of the way down).


Velo Orange Pass Hunter Rack - £57.50

Nitto M12 Rack - £54.99

Compass M13 Rack - £100


Written by Jonathan Holmes — April 30, 2016

DIY - How to fit a retro light set

Here are some simple instructions for fitting your bike with a retro light set. For this, we are using the Bobbin front light and a Bobbin pannier rack light, although the principle is the same for any similar styled light set.

The bike used is a Bobbin Brownie in St.Ives Green.

Front Light

For the front light, you will need a 10mm spanner and an 8mm spanner.

You need to mount the light to the fork bracket.

Light should look like this. Make sure the bracket is the correct way round.

Next, take a 10mm spanner and undo the nut on the back of the front brake.

 Once the nut is off, slide the brake out. You will end up with this.

Slide the light bracket between the brake and the washer.

There are 2 washers with one flat edge and one curved edge. They are designed to be either side of the fork with the curved edges hugging the curve of the fork. It should look like the below pic when finished.

If you need to adjust the angle of the lamp, just use an 8mm spanner to loosen the bolt and adjust. Make sure it is nice and tight after adjusting the angle.

 Rear Light

The rear light is designed to replace the factory fitted reflector on the back of the pannier rack. This is held on with 2 x 8mm bolts. Remove the bolts and the light comes off. Then put the new light on and tighten up. Make sure the light is on the top and the On/Off button is underneath the light. Job well done.

Written by Jonathan Holmes — January 08, 2016

Lowered free shipping rates

From now until xmas, all UK orders over £10 will ship free.

Written by Jonathan Holmes — December 05, 2015

DIY - Waterproofing Cables

I thought I would share this neat little trick with you. Its a simple way to prolong the life of your cables, and can be done at no extra costs. All you need is the following -

  • A length of outer cable
  • 2 ferrules
  • Synthetic, waterproof grease
  • A thin oil
  • Cable cutters
  • Poker

I use the Phil Wood Bio-Lube as the lubricant and Shimano Dura-Ace grease. What you want to achieve is a fully waterproof, lubricated section of cable. Why? Cables usually need replacing because there is friction between the inner and outer cables, caused by water entering the outer cable. This is what we are trying to prevent.

    1. Using some good cable cutters, cut your outer cable to the correct length. If you are replacing cables, just use the old cables as a guide.
    2. Inspect the cut ends. You need to make sure that you did not misshape the inside of the cable as this will cause friction. There will also be a plastic lining which has probably closed up. Grab your poker and carefully open up the plastic so it looks like the second image below.
       Freshly cut outer. Notice the folded liner.
   Correct. Ready for the waterproofed ferrule.

  1. Take one ferrule and fill it with your waterproof grease. Pop it onto one end of the outer cable.
  2. At the other end of the cable, drip in some light oil. Use the inner cable to help the oil feed into the outer.
  3. Fill the other ferrule with grease and pop it onto the other end of the outer cable.

What you end up with is a section of cable, filled with oil and sealed with waterproofed caps. No water will get into the cable and the oil cannot escape. Perfect. This can be done on all cables, brake and gear.


Written by Jonathan Holmes — November 05, 2015

For Sale - 650B Single Speed Wheelset - SOLD

Lovely set of 650B wheels built in house about a year ago and put on my track bike. As it was my least used bike, I sold it and the wheels are now for sale. Very little use. Would be great for someone who fancies something different.

  • Velo Orange Diagonale Rims
  • Sturmey Archer Track Hubs - Fixed/Free rear (120mm) - 32h
  • Stainless Spokes
  • Panaracer Col De La Vie 650x38 Tyres
  • Dura Ace Track Cog and Lockring

The rear hub could be made to 130mm with spacers. Front hub is 100mm standard. Sealed bearing.


Written by Jonathan Holmes — September 09, 2015

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