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Not long ago, everyone used high quality fabric rim tape with innertubes on a deep clincher rim.


"The Times They Are a-Changin" - Bob Dylan




Tubeless is now the norm, and with new standards come new products. Tubeless ready rims have a shallow profile and a more prominent hook. These rims must be used with tubeless rim tape and not the classic fabric tape. Tubeless tape is very thin and smooth, this helps the tyre sidewalls slide into place on the rim. If you are struggling to fit your Compass tyres, check your using the correct rim tape. It can be a make or break situation. 

Smooth tubeless tape (Above)

Grippy fabric rim tape (Above)

You will find that the tyres will bead easier over time, as they stretch out. Make sure they are correctly fitted, rolling the tyre with your thumbs onto the hook. Check the images below. You are aiming for uniform.

The image above is a NO. The image below is a YES!

This is something that you may have overlooked in the past. However, it is essential, especially running supple tyres and/or tubeless.

If you are struggling with beading your tyres, please check your set up and have another go, before contacting us.



Written by Jonathan Holmes — February 09, 2018

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