Velo Vitality

Its that time again, the summer is fading into a memory and the long winter nights are fast approaching. With that in mind, we have selected a few stylish, fun bike accessories which we think will brighten up your commute.

First off is the fashionable chic helmets by Yakkay. These helmets come in 6 different colours, all with a glossy finish, and when you are feeling the cold, a nice set of Yakkay ear warmers!


Yakkay HelmetsYakkay Ear Warmers     


The clocks turning will mean that most of us will be commuting in the dark. If you want some quality lighting to keep you safe, have a look at the Soma rear light. This light is housed in a CNC'd body and can bolt onto various fixing points on our bike frame. Also, the Bobbin retro front light is an LED front light that looks like an old dynamo lamp. This one even has a flashing mode for extra visibility.


Finally, the rain.....the one thing that separates the committed commuters from the fair weather cyclists. If you ride all year, you need some protection from the rain, and some mudguards are the best way to jazz up your bike. Mudguards can be a nice, stylish cycling accessory for your bike. We have a range of clip-on, plastic type by Fendor Bendor, PDW and Full Windsor, or full length, classic alloy guards from Velo Orange, BLB and Tanaka.

Written by Jonathan Holmes — October 16, 2013