Velo Vitality

Here are some simple instructions for fitting your bike with a retro light set. For this, we are using the Bobbin front light and a Bobbin pannier rack light, although the principle is the same for any similar styled light set.

The bike used is a Bobbin Brownie in St.Ives Green.

Front Light

For the front light, you will need a 10mm spanner and an 8mm spanner.

You need to mount the light to the fork bracket.

Light should look like this. Make sure the bracket is the correct way round.

Next, take a 10mm spanner and undo the nut on the back of the front brake.

 Once the nut is off, slide the brake out. You will end up with this.

Slide the light bracket between the brake and the washer.

There are 2 washers with one flat edge and one curved edge. They are designed to be either side of the fork with the curved edges hugging the curve of the fork. It should look like the below pic when finished.

If you need to adjust the angle of the lamp, just use an 8mm spanner to loosen the bolt and adjust. Make sure it is nice and tight after adjusting the angle.

 Rear Light

The rear light is designed to replace the factory fitted reflector on the back of the pannier rack. This is held on with 2 x 8mm bolts. Remove the bolts and the light comes off. Then put the new light on and tighten up. Make sure the light is on the top and the On/Off button is underneath the light. Job well done.

Written by Jonathan Holmes — January 08, 2016