Velo Vitality

Velo Orange Model 3 leather saddle 

Velo Orange Model 3 Leather Saddle made from Australian cowhide - £65

canvas saddle bag 

United Pedal Saddle bags are handmade in the USA using the finest American Canvas and thick leather - £70

Gilles Berthoud ladies leather saddle 

Gilles Berthoud Marie Blanque Leather Saddle from french touring specialists - £130

bobbin chrome silver bicycle helmet

Bobbin Bicycles mirror finish helmet (also available in gold!) Great for checking your make up while on a ride - £30

tokyo bike bisou ladies bike 

A customers Tokyobike Bisou fitted with mudguards, wald pannier rack and Linus Sac. 

sturmey archer s2c hub internals 

This is the inside of a Sturmey Archer S2C kick shift hub. The knurled section is the coaster (pedal) brake shoe. The gears work off two separate pawl sets. The 'kicking' motion will either expose or hide one set of pawls, thus selecting the gear chosen. Neat stuff!

Written by Jonathan Holmes — September 25, 2012