Velo Vitality

Dynamo Lights

With winter fast approaching and the clocks going back in October, bicycle lights are on the mind. Now if you are a tourer or a regular commuter, have you considered getting a set of dynamo lights fitted. There are huge benefits to getting a dynamo light kit fitted, and the technology of dynamos has moved on a lot since the bottle dynamo.

  • They require no external power source
  • They will no run out half way through the ride
  • A good dynamo light has a higher output than most LED lights
  • No harmful battery waste
  • 'Fit and forget'
  • The lights are always on your bike, so you wont get caught out
  • High end dynamo hubs even allow for USB charging, great for GPS on your phone

We have a range of bottle and hub dynamo lights available. There are hubs from Shimano or Supernova and lights from AXA, German company B&M or Supernova. 

Bottle dynamo kits start at £30 + fitting.

Hub dynamo kits are tailored to your needs. A Shimano front dynamo hub fitted with new spokes and B&M front and back lights starts at £100+fitting.

LED Lights

LED lights are cheap to buy and cheap to run. We have a selection of compact bicycle lights from Oxford, the stylish Swedish Bookman lights or the rechargable Lezyne lights. LED sets start at £10 a pair and we even have colours to match your bike. 

If you have a nice vintage bike, consider a retro front LED battery light. These look just like traditional dynamo lights but are battery powered. Match that with a rack mounted battery light for a complete retro set.

Written by Jonathan Holmes — September 14, 2012