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We now have 4 different types of wicker bike baskets for the front of your bicycle. Every bike needs a basket that fits their bike securely. This will ensure it is safe and does not sag down under heavy loading. We are pretty confident that one of these four will fit your bike, whatever it is!

wicker bicycle basket 

Clockwise from top left - Adie, Velorbis, Bobbin and Rixen Kaul.

The Adie wicker basket is a large D shape with a natural finish, and uses a vertical basket support and leather straps - £37

Velorbis basket is the biggest basket and also has a natural finish. Hand woven and is secured using a stainless steel L-bracket, which makes this the worlds strongest basket - £90

Bobbins wicker basket is honey coloured and is the smallest D-basket we have. Secured with a traditional basket support and leather straps - £25

Rixen Kaul basket is oval shaped with a nice carry handle. It uses the versatile klickfix bracket, which means it can be mounted in various ways depending on the bike. It also has a metal bar running around the whole basket to help rigidity - £50 ( + bracket)

Fitting of any basket is free of charge so pop your bike down and take your pick. We can also ship your basket to you if you are not local to Brighton and if you get stuck fitting it, just give us a call and we can talk you through it!

Written by Jonathan Holmes — July 26, 2012

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