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I thought I would share this neat little trick with you. Its a simple way to prolong the life of your cables, and can be done at no extra costs. All you need is the following -

  • A length of outer cable
  • 2 ferrules
  • Synthetic, waterproof grease
  • A thin oil
  • Cable cutters
  • Poker

I use the Phil Wood Bio-Lube as the lubricant and Shimano Dura-Ace grease. What you want to achieve is a fully waterproof, lubricated section of cable. Why? Cables usually need replacing because there is friction between the inner and outer cables, caused by water entering the outer cable. This is what we are trying to prevent.

    1. Using some good cable cutters, cut your outer cable to the correct length. If you are replacing cables, just use the old cables as a guide.
    2. Inspect the cut ends. You need to make sure that you did not misshape the inside of the cable as this will cause friction. There will also be a plastic lining which has probably closed up. Grab your poker and carefully open up the plastic so it looks like the second image below.
       Freshly cut outer. Notice the folded liner.
   Correct. Ready for the waterproofed ferrule.

  1. Take one ferrule and fill it with your waterproof grease. Pop it onto one end of the outer cable.
  2. At the other end of the cable, drip in some light oil. Use the inner cable to help the oil feed into the outer.
  3. Fill the other ferrule with grease and pop it onto the other end of the outer cable.

What you end up with is a section of cable, filled with oil and sealed with waterproofed caps. No water will get into the cable and the oil cannot escape. Perfect. This can be done on all cables, brake and gear.


Written by Jonathan Holmes — November 05, 2015

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