Velo Vitality

 This weekend was the Paddle Round The Pier event on Hove lawns and while walking around, I stumbled into Alan and his Pebble Bikes (also known as Paper bikes) stand. Paper bikes began in Scotland, where they are made, and are fully customizable, with 3 different colour palettes to choose from, gear options and even custom vinyl chain guards.  Check out these great reviews from some very respected bicycle critics


If you are down in Brighton and Hove today, check them out at the Hove Lawns (by the seafront). Give them a test ride because they ride exceptionally well. We have one for demo throughout August, so pop down if you would like a test ride. You can even take the bike for the day (£15) or weekend (£25) and if you make an order, get your hire money back! Paper bicycles can be ordered here.

More info can be found at paper bicycle or pebble bikes




Written by Jonathan Holmes — July 08, 2012