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The perfect bike for a leisurely rider, who wants a bike to get around town, carry their grocery shopping, rides by the beach and fun, chilled out rides with family and friends.


The Birdie is the most traditional of the Bobbin range, keeping true to the style and many of the components of a vintage bike.  It comes in 4 colours - Teal, Mushroom, Pink and Yellow.

3 Speed Sturmey Archer Gears:  These gears are very traditional and have been around since 1902.  Still a very popular choice for many riders, these gears are easy to use and low maintenance. With 3 gears, you have an easy gear for hills, a medium gear and a gear for riding a bit faster.

Lugged Frame: Rather than being welded, the Bobbin Birdie frame is lugged.  This is a traditional method of making a bike frame, that reinforces a join and is aesthetically pleasing.

Lugged Frame

Welded Frame


Upright Riding Position: The Bobbin Birdie is an extremely comfortable bike, which is a pleasure to ride.  With a ladies step through frame and upright swept back handlebars, it is lovely and easy to step on and off and you will have a clear view of your surroundings while riding.

A very lovely bike :-)

Written by Jonathan Holmes — April 25, 2015

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