Velo Vitality

The Bobbin Brownie has returned for 2015, with some key upgrades and beautiful new colours.  We have been eagerly awaiting this delivery of Brownies, as we think this is going to be the model of choice for a lot of our customers this year.  The Brownie is a vintage style bike, with the use of more modern components to offer the comfort and beauty of an older bike, but the usability of a more modern bike.

Sizes: There are now 5 different sizes, to better suit the rider:
33cm (24” wheel, no rack) - 4'3"-4'5"  £300
35cm (26” wheel) - 4'9"-5'1"  £350
40cm (26” wheel) - 5'-5'4"  £350
46cm (26” wheel) - 5'3"-5'7"  £350
52cm (700c wheel) - 5'7"-6'  £350

Colours: St Ives Green, Blackcurrant (not in 33cm), Blueberry and Blossom Pink.

Accessories: The Bobbin Brownie comes equipped with colour matching chainguard, pannier rack and mudguards.  These accessories are not just there to looks pretty, they are actually very useful.  The chainguard will help keep your bike and clothing clean, as does the mudguards.  This is actually really important, because dirty and unmaintained components wear quicker.  Pannier racks can be really useful if you have a lot to carry with you.  You can either use pannier bags or use bungee straps to secure luggage directly to the rack.

Gears: The Brownie has been given a Shimano 7 speed rapidfire gear shifter which offers crisp, easy action shifting to help flatten out those hills!
Contact Points: The contact points of a bike are really important, because they have a big input into your riding experience.  These points include - Saddle, Grips, Gear Shifter, Pedals.  Bobbin have released a new sprung, leatherette saddle this year, which has been designed to look slim and elegant on the bike, without sacrificing comfort.
The Brownie has comfortable and durable rubber grips in brown.  Bobbin have upgraded the gears to a Rapidfire shifter which give a smooth and positive shifting action. The pedals have a rubber block design and a period, traditional look.

Where and when this bike is designed to be used:  There are many types of bikes, for many different uses.  In my experience, it is very rare to find a bike that does 'everything' and if it does, it will rarely perform the task as well as a bike designed for that specific use. The Brownie is designed for road use and tarmac paths.  It is an excellent bike for getting around your town, village or city, getting you to and from work and leisurely rides with friends and family.  This bike is built around comfort, strength and fun.
We hope you enjoy it :-)

Written by Jonathan Holmes — March 24, 2015