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The Shimano Nexus 3 speed gears have really good extremes, and are perfect for any city bike. Here is how I find the nexus range -

    1st - This gear is your uphill gear, low and slow.
      2nd - Used for low gradient hills or flat riding with a headwind.
        3rd - Third is your cruising gear, best for fast flat riding and downhill.

          The best part about the Nexus gears is that you can change gear while stationary. Imagine pulling up to some traffic lights in a hard gear, on a normal bike you would have to wait until you have pulled away to change down to an accelerating gear. On a nexus, just stop, click down into first and you are ready to pull away when the lights change.

          Also super handy when you are starting on a hill.

          I have scaled up Albion hill (Brighton) in 1st and can cruise nicely at 15mph in 3rd. The gears are quiet, efficient and reliable. Matched with a rust proof chain, this is a true fit-and-forget setup.

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          Written by Jonathan Holmes — February 19, 2015

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