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René Louis Théodore Herse (1908–1976) was a French builder of high-quality touring, randonneur and racing bicycles. His works are sought by collectors and riders.

 René Herse created many beautiful, well designed bike components, and thanks to Jan Heine in Seattle, some of them are now back in production.


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  These are the original René Herse pulleys. The idea of using a roller instead of a standard hanger was to provide equal brake power to both braking arms. If you have problems with one pad rubbing, you can set it so that the roller is fixed.

 A simple design.

Jan is dedicated to preserving the René Herse name and reflect the quality of the original products. The new hangers are exact replicas.

Suitable for cantilever or centre pull brakes. Sold in pairs. Only 12g each. £30 for the pair.


Written by Jonathan Holmes — January 21, 2015