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Considering buying a Bobbin Bicycle? I would like do give you a detailed description of the Bobbin Metropole to help you to make an informed decision. (We have already done a blog post about the Bobbin Birdie). We really love the Bobbin Metropole. It keeps the look of a traditional British town bike, but uses more modern components for practicality and keeping the bike lightweight. I ((Jenny), my husband comes up as the author of this blog) have a Bobbin Metropole in Pink and I think it's brilliant.  It's always a pleasure to get on my bike and I've become quite attached to it!


The Bobbin Metropole comes in 4 colours. Black, Maroon, Pink and Mint. It is lightweight, weighing only 13 Kilos.

The Frame is made from steel.  We really like steel frames.  They seem to have got a bit of a bad reputation for being heavy, but things are very different nowadays. Steel frames do not necessarily mean a heavy bike. Steel in our opinion makes the most attractive frames, with lovely slim tubing and neater welds.  Steel is also a very strong material to use for a frame, so should help your bike to last a very long time.  Steel frames give the most comfortable ride, as there is more flex in steel than other bike frame materials. This is part of the reason for its strength, but also you won't feel bumps in the road so much, as the frame will absorb this more.

The gears are Shimano 6 Speed freewheels, with a light action grip shifter.  They are easy to use and unless you plan on long distance rides, with steep and lengthy hills, you shouldn't really need more than 6 gears.  Less gears keeps the bike as simple as possible.  This means a lighter bike and there is less to go wrong.

The Handlebars are the North Road shape.  This gives a comfortable and relaxed, upright riding position. A quill stem (The part of the bike which attaches the handlebars to the frame), which points upwards. This gives an even more comfortable and upright riding position. This set up allows the handlebar height to be set at your personal preference.  The higher you set the stem, the more upright the bike will feel.  We have found that most of our customers like to have it set to the maximum height.

The Saddle and Grips are both brown and made from a leatherette material.  The saddle is sprung, giving extra comfort.

The Wheels are size 26x1-3/8.  This is the traditional wheel size for a town bike.

The Brake levers are Tektro and the brakes are powerful dual pivot caliper brakes.

The Metropole comes with a colour matching chain guard and mudguards.  Chain guards keep your trousers protected from the oil on the chain and mudguards are important for keeping you and the bike components cleaner in wet weather.  Keeping the components of the bike cleaner will help them to last longer.

The Metropole also comes with pannier rack mounts.  Pannier racks are best suited for heavier loads, when such weight in a basket might affect your steering.

This Metropole has been kitted out with a Wald pannier rack, Dutch bungee straps, a Basil Darcy basket and metal pedals.  This has been a very popular combination in our store :-).

If you would like to see the Bobbin Metropole on our website or any of the parts pictured or mentioned, here are the links:

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Metal Alloy Pedals

Dutch Bungee Straps



Written by Jonathan Holmes — November 19, 2014

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