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When choosing a basket for your bike, there are a few things to consider.  Most importantly - Will my bike fit a basket? If it will, the main things to consider are - What will I use it for? Will my bike live mainly outside or inside?  What style baskets do I like?

Will My Bike Fit A Basket?

Whether your bike will fit a basket will depend on 2 things.

Firstly - the shape of your handlebars.  Straight handlebars will not have enough clearance for the basket to sit between the brakes.  Most baskets will only fit on bikes with swept back/ upright handlebars.

For example:


Please Note:  Many baskets do not fit with a retro style front light, as there is not enough space between the handlebars and the top of the wheel for both.

If your bike has straight handlebars you are more restricted, but there are usually a few options including baskets with brackets which attach to the front wheel or a basket with a quick release bracket.


Secondly is there enough clearance between the handlebars and the top of the wheel for my basket to sit?  It all depends on the length of this part of the frame (the headtube) - see the image below.

If the head tube is fairly short, you usually will need a basket with a quick release bracket.


What Will I Use My Basket For?

If your basket is going to be used mainly for carrying a small handbag and a lock, your best option is probably a small basket attached to the bike with a pair of leather straps.  These are easy to fit and remove:

If you will be carrying a lot of weight in your basket, then it is best to have a basket with a support for strength:


And if you will be carrying larger items, large handbag or supermarket shopping, you will likely be best to use a larger basket and if necessary, you can add an Adie Basket Support for strength.



Will My Bike Live Mainly Outside or Inside?

It is a good idea to consider where your bike will live when you are not riding it.  If your bike lives outside, a wicker basket will weaken over time through weathering, so you may do better to choose a metal basket:


These baskets are very strong and hard wearing. 


What Style Baskets Do I Like?

As well as all the practical considerations, shop around at all the different styles of baskets to see which you like best and which materials you like!  The main basket materials used are wicker, rattan or metal.

There are also different shaped baskets- Oval, Rectangular and D-Shaped being the most common types.


Written by Jonathan Holmes — October 11, 2014

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