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There are so many different bicycle options available now for women in the UK who would like to start cycling, whether for a commute to work, healthier lifestyle or just for enjoyment. I would like to share with you some of our favourites that we have chosen based on comfort, practicality and style.

The Bobbin Metropole: £299

Bobbin Metropole At Velo Vitality In Mint

The Bobbin Metropole is offered in 4 colour options: Black, Maroon, Mint and Pale Rose.  It also comes in 2 sizes: 17" and 19".  As a rough guide Ladies between 5"1'- 5"4' will usually be best fitted to the 17" frame and ladies between 5"4' - 5"7' will be best fitted to the 19" frame

The bike comes equipped with mudguards, keeping you and the bike cleaner in the rain and and a chain guard to help protect your trousers from dirt and getting caught in the chain. 

Keeping it simple, the Metropole comes with 6 gears, offering a comfortable range for moderate hills, urban use and weekend rides.

The upright riding position gives comfort and enjoyment and the step through frame makes getting on and off nice and easy. 

The Bobbin Bramble: £330

Bobbin Bramble at Velo Vitality In Gold Green

The Bobbin Bramble is offered in 3 colour options: Gold, Gold Green and Azure Blue.  It also comes in 2 sizes: 17.5" suitable for heights 5"0 - 5"7' and 19.5" suitable for heights 5"5 - 5"10.

This bike also comes with 6 gears, full mudguards and a chain guard for a cleaner ride and to protect your clothes.

This bike gives and upright riding position, but slightly less upright than the Metropole, so if you have a very hilly ride, you may find this bike a bit easier to ride.

The Bobbin Noodle: £375

Bobbin Noodle At Velo Vitality In Teal


The Bobbin Noodle is a unisex bike, great for ladies wanting a bit more speed on their ride.  The bike comes in 2 sizes: 19" frame suitable for height 5"6' - 5"10' and 21" frame suitable for height 5"9' - 6"+.  There are also 2 colour options: Teal and Pale Brown.

Offering 6 gears, the Noodle is suitable for moderate hills, urban use and weekend rides.

Tokyobike Bisou: £490

Tokyobike Bisou At Velo Vitality In Blue Grey
(The Wald Front Basket and Tokyobike Mudguards are an optional extra, so do not come with the bike.)
The Tokyobike Bisou is a lightweight bike with a Cro-Mo steel frame and alloy components. The Cro-Mo frame is stronger and lighter than hi-tensile steel and alloy parts will not rust. 
The Tokyobike Bisou has 7 megarange gears, which are very good if you have a lot of hills in your area, as gear one is very low.
A fairly upright riding position gives a comfortable and practical bike, perfect for urban use and weekend rides.
Comes in a wide variety of colours.


Brooklyn Bicycle Company Franklin: £540
Brooklyn Bicycle Company Franklin At Velo Vitality In Red
Brooklyn Bicycle Companies Franklin model, comes equipped with full alloy mudguards and chain guard, Cro-Mo frame (stronger and lighter than hi-tensile steel) and alloy components (alloy components won't rust and are lighter than steel).  It is also very comfortable with traditional dutch style handlebars.  The frame size fits people from 5"1' - 5"7'.
The Franklin has 7 mega range gears (great for hills) and sealed bearing hubs (the wheel rolls better and are lower maintenance).
This bike is practical, low maintenance and looks great!
Comes in 2 Colour options: Red and Ivory.  3 speed hub geared version also available in orange.


Brooklyn Bicycle Company Bedford: £540
Brooklyn Bedford At Velo Vitality
Brooklyn Bicycle Companies Bedford is similar spec'd to the Franklin, but great for a lady who likes a cross bar frame.  This bike has a
slightly different riding position, using moustache handlebars, but is still nice and upright.

Same as the Franklin, comes with full alloy mudguards and Cro-MO frame with alloy components. Nice and light weight! Uses sealed bearing hubs and 7 mega range gears.

Tokyobike CS: £580
Tokyobike CS At Velo Vitality In White
Another great option for ladies who prefer a cross bar frame.  Tokyobikes CS is slightly lighter than the Tokyobike Bisou and comes with 8 speed cassette gears. Cassette gears are harder wearing and more reliable than freewheel gears. 
Cro-Mo frame and alloy components.
A great urban bike and also good longer distances (on road).


Pelago Brooklyn: £675
Pelago Brooklyn At Velo Vitality
Pelago's Brooklyn model is beautiful.  Cro-Mo Steel frame and polished alloy components.  It comes with 3 speed Shimano hub gears, which offers a great range, very low maintenance and easy to use. 
Attention to detail is what Pelago is all about.  High quality puncture resistant tyres, Brooks leather saddle (which once worn in will be extremely comfortable and great for long distance riding) and a very upright Dutch style riding position.


Momentum E Bike: £1095
Momentum E Bike At Velo Vitality
Momentum have designed a great looking pedal assisted bike, which is high quality, low maintenance and easy to use.  Great fun to ride and really comfortable.  Comes equipped with front and back lights, powered by the battery on the bike.  A great option if you would like to get into cycling, but would like a bit of extra assistance!  Can ride for up to 30 miles on full power and up to 80 miles on eco, when fully charged.


For more styles of bikes and colours check out our website

Written by Jonathan Holmes — June 04, 2014

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